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Weak sound irritants increase color sensitivity of the visual analyzer. At the same time sharp deterioration of distinctive sensitivity of an eye when as an acoustical irritant loud noise of the aviation motor is applied, for example, is observed.

Emergence at the person of sensitivity to irritants in relation to which there is no adequate receptor is of special interest. Such is, for example, remote sensitivity to obstacles at the blind.

Possibilities of training of sense organs and their improvement are very great. It is possible to allocate two spheres defining increase of sensitivity of sense organs: a sensitization to which spontaneously leads need of compensation of touch defects (a blindness, and the sensitization caused by activity, specific requirements of a profession of the subject.

Interaction of feelings is shown in one sort of the phenomena called by a sinesteziya. Sinesteziya is an emergence under the influence of irritation of one analyzer of feeling, characteristic for other analyzer. Sinesteziya is observed in the most different types of feelings. Most often visual and acoustical sinesteziya when at influence of sound irritants the subject has visions meet. Various people have no coincidence in these sinesteziya, however, they are quite constant for each individual.

Visual sensitivity increases also under the influence of some olfactory irritation. However at sharply expressed negative emotional coloring of a smell decrease in visual sensitivity is observed. Similar to it at weak light irritations acoustical feelings amplify, and influence of intensive light irritants worsens acoustical sensitivity. The facts of increase of visual, acoustical, tactile and olfactory sensitivity under the influence of weak painful irritations are known.