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Representation of non-profit organization is the separate division which is located out of the location of non-profit organization, represents interests of non-profit organization and carries out their protection.

public institution – the public association which does not have membership setting as the purpose rendering a concrete type of service, the participants who are equitable to interests and answering the authorized purpose of the specified association;

body of public amateur performance – the public association which does not have membership which purpose is the joint solution of various social problems arising at citizens in a residence, works or studies, directed on satisfaction of requirements of an unlimited circle of people, whose interests are connected with achievement of the authorized purposes and implementation of programs of body of public amateur performance in a place of its creation;

Functioning of non-state non-profit organizations is directed not on replacement created by private business and the state of the economic benefits. Their activity, on the contrary, expands structure of public requirements, creates opportunities for additional alternative granting products to consumers. From this point of view non-state non-profit organizations promote strengthening of the competition between various sectors of economy, socialization of economy that positively affects social and economic development of society.

democratic character of management of consumer society (one shareholder – one voice, the obligatory accountability to general meeting of consumer society of other governing bodies, control authorities, free participation of the shareholder in electoral bodies consumer societies;

Non-state non-profit organizations, being based on private form of ownership, work in public interests, provide access to universal values, defend the principle of pluralism and equal opportunities for all members of society.

First, the non-profit organization can carry on business only so far as it serves achievement of the objectives for the sake of which it is created; business activity has to answer such purpose.

According to the decision of founders (the participant or the body authorized on that by constituent documents, the non-profit organization can be reorganized. Reorganization can be carried out in the form of merge, accession, division, allocation and transformation.

Non-profit partnership the non-profit organization based on membership founded by citizens and (or) legal entities for assistance to her members in implementation of the activity directed on achievement of the objectives, provided for non-profit organizations admits.

Secondly, the possible profit is completely aimed at providing the main profile of non-profit organization and cannot be distributed among its participants. For example, the profit of the organizations of health care is used on providing medical services to the population of additional types and increase in volume of the services which are already existing. The profit of the scientific organizations is spent for implementation of new projects, acquisition of the equipment and raw materials. The profit of public organizations and associations goes for expansion of a range of the services provided to their participants on improvement of material resources etc.

Consumer cooperative the voluntary association of citizens and legal entities on the basis of membership for the purpose of satisfaction of material and other needs of participants which is carried out by association by his members of property shares admits.

According to the Civil code of the organization are subdivided on commercial and noncommercial. The first set as the purpose of the primary activity generation of profit, the second provide social services, cultural development is promoted, by educations, render charity and carry out other socially useful purposes.

Branch of non-profit organization is its separate division located out of the location of non-profit organization and which is carrying out all its functions or part them, including function of representation.

The property given to autonomous non-profit organization her founders (founder) is property of autonomous non-profit organization. Founders of autonomous non-profit organization do not keep the rights for the property transferred by them to the possession of this organization.