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Made a series of experiments with separate and simultaneous effect of tissue of liver and marrow and data confirm this theory. At effect of tissues of liver the forebrain and its derivatives was formed, at action of marrow – tulovishchno-tail fabrics, and at simultaneous action of a liver and marrow structures of all levels of a body of a normal larva were formed.

Let's come back again to the theory of organizers. In the usual scheme about induction influences of organizers on cellular material which reacts, it is induced, meant as something indifferent, that is only and waits that it would be pushed to determination. However it not so. Cellular material which the organizer, not affects. M. N. Ragozina showed that the laying of an axial mesoderm represents not only the inductor of a nervous tube, but also itself needs for the differentiation formativny influence from a laying of nervous system. Thus not the unilateral induction, but interaction of parts of the developing germ takes place. The same inductor can induce various educations, for example, the acoustical bubble at change sideways of a germ of an amphibian can induce an additional extremity, the same bubble at its change in other place and at other stage of development can induce an acoustical capsule. He can act as the inductor of an additional kernel of a crystalline lens in case of contact with a crystalline lens rudiment, etc.