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The advantages provided NAPHTHA it is better than others light industry, metallurgists, the autocollectors focused on export of branch of the agroindustry managed to use. Thus it is first of all about the large companies associated with the American capital and multinational corporation of other countries.

With creation NAPHTHA billions of dollars of foreign investments poured down in the Mexican industry. In Tijuana there are more than 600 factories, using both the Mexican and American trade privileges, using more than 140,000 workers. "We make goods of which we also did not dream in the late sixties which even did not exist — for computers, for microprocessors, for medicine and many industries and electronics John Riley, the American businessman who operates four plants - claims and heads local association of trade.

Perhaps, not smaller, and it is possible, and the reasons of long-term strategy of the USA concerning competitive fight for world leadership against Japan and the EU had bigger value. One of support of the building built at the initiative of Washington NAPHTHA reeled, the shadow was cast on the American integration concept of neoliberal sense accepted at the summit in Miami as a basis of future free trade zone of all Western hemisphere.

What sovereignty will be shown at the international level in the near future? Of course, it will be the sovereignty where civil and trade interests will maneuver in the sphere which has no relation to traditional concept of the sovereignty as the untouchable sphere of an autonomy of the country.

On the one hand, the volume of the Mexican export and the export income that allowed to increase investments in numerous economic programs sharply increased, with another - to the Mexican economy foreign investors, including North American began to show keen interest.