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If indicators E, Er, T pay off with the definition purpose dopus-timost of use of computer facilities for the decision proyektiruye-my tasks or complexes of tasks, value of an indicator To is calculated according to a formula/1/, that is To = in Kw.

Visual control is understood as check of clearness of the press, about - a verka of lack of a printing line on paper bends, etc. Registration is reduced to vising of the output document (to putting down of date, podpi-this, and on some VTs of a stamp.

In technological processes with use of the COMPUTER the preparatory stage in most cases comes to an end with operations of data input and their control on COMPUTER which are identified with one operation and izobra-zhatsya by one symbol. As a result of performance of this operation the massif created on the magnetic carrier is prepared for further use in the solution of a task.

The main stage of information processing in the mode of batch operation on the scheme of technological process should be limited to two operations, as a rule: - processing on the COMPUTER on algorithm; - the printing of output documents or display on the screen. Thus uka-

At design of machining of economic information of odes - it from responsible stages is design of technologies obra-botka of information and drawing up all technological documentation.

Allocation of the operation "Printing of Output Documents" is explained by that in technology it is necessary to predusmtret opportunity repeated raspe-chatka of documents in cases of existence of an error of the press in the output document.

The absolute economy of labor and cost expenses on a class of problems of the databases devoted to the organization and maintaining or information fund of the enterprise can be calculated with is-use of formulas (20, 2:

Therefore in the reporting period the preparatory stage repeats mno-gokratno, and the main and final - once after a full nakop-the line of information. In this regard in the scheme of technological process re-komendutsya to use a "cycle border" symbol before the beginning and upon termination of a preparatory stage.

Numbering of all graphic symbols of technological process (technological operations, logical blocks, data carriers, began and has to be continuous. Thus serial numbers this - oxen settle down over symbols at the left.

Documents of technological process / the scheme of work of a sitema/, skhe- interactions of programs, the scheme of the program, technological instruk-tion, including the flow chart, the instructive card, etc. are made out on standard sheets of the standard A4/210x297/format.

At the solution of many economic tasks (accounting, hundred - the tistichesky reporting, etc.) the operational information is prepared on machine carriers during all reporting period in process of its collecting and receipt, and the problem is solved only upon termination of the reporting period.

zonal operations are recommended to be represented symbols with a strip and the identifier sending to the scheme of intra machining of data. It is caused by that in detail the technology of intra machining on the COMPUTER is represented the scheme of interrelation of program modules and infor-matsionny arrays (SVPM and IM).