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The main objective of the joint venture consists in ensuring periodically renewable release of series of finished goods according to the plan. A cure is OKP. Elements of system are a complex of calendar and planned standards.

KP consists in development of calendar and planned standards of the movement of production. the equipment, floor spaces and bringing to each shop, a site, a workplace and other floor spaces - schedules, specifications and updating of these programs and tasks during performance.

Dispetchirovaniye reduces in a uniform complex operational management of production as planning of processes in time, and regulation of their performance. Methods of the solution of problems of a dispetchirovaniye on the basis of continuous supervision, the account and control.

The interoperational transport reserve not of the continuous line, as a rule, is not defined since it is combined with the reverse. A technological reserve = to quantity of details on racks, on the basis of those. cards.

Unification normalization of details. The need of assembly for such details, its repeatability is defined. The expedient size of party, standard labor input of party of Shopping center of party is defined. Calculation of necessary level of an insurance stock is obligatory. Requirement in the unified norms. details define on the basis of the summary constructional specification.

OKP provides the mode of various work in each production division and at the enterprise in general. The organization of the movement of productions has noticeable impact on economy of the enterprise.

The monotony of decisions in a choice of various parties can result in a variety of standards of productivity. The monotony of standards for details of various names of one product complicates OKP, control, regulation. Therefore in a mass production there is a need of unification.