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About acquaintance accused with case papers the protocol is formed. If on business it is attracted a little accused, brining a charge, an explanation to them it is right and acquaintance with case papers is made separately and made out by separate protocols.

At existence of several bases for diversion, business stops on that basis which involves optimum legal consequences for the person concerning whom inquiry was conducted.

The plan is approved by the corresponding commander. For providing the qualitative analysis of the arriving information it is necessary to consider carefully done work. Account is kept in one notebook in all areas of work. Are considered:

Each investigative action for collecting, fixing and verification of proofs oformlyatsya the protocol in which the place and date of production of investigative action, time of its beginning and the termination, a surname of the investigator and all persons participating in production of investigative action, its contents and results are specified. The protocol is signed by the investigator and all persons participating in production of investigative action.

Oral statements of citizens are entered in the protocol which is signed by the applicant and the commander of part. thus responsibility for obviously false denunciation about what the mark in the protocol which makes sure the signature of the applicant becomes is explained to the applicant.

In case of surrender the personality been is identified and the protocol in which the made statement is in detail stated is formed. The protocol is signed pled guilty and the person which made the protocol.

The commander of a regiment directs economic part of a regiment and special services through the deputy on the back uniting services of supply combustible, food supply, ware supply and room and operational and also through chiefs of special services (artillery arms, technical, medical, etc.).

At a position of chiefs of legal departments, groups of the senior legal advisers persons, having the higher legal education are designated. In exceptional cases to a position of the legal adviser of the employee there can be assignees who do not have the higher legal education, in the presence at them length of service on legal specialty for less than three years, and also the faces training on last years of the highest legal educational institutions.

The commander of part directs activity of the investigator. He is obliged to instruct it in what circumstances on business has to investigate the investigator and in what volume, what investigative actions need to be carried out when inquiry has to be ended.

For implementation of these rights the accused is given opportunity to have the defender or to protect itself most. However in some cases participation of the defender at judicial proceedings of business is obligatory, participation of the defender obligatory on affairs:

Obligations for control of economic activity are assigned also to the deputy commander of part on the back and the chief of a financial allowance. The deputy commander of a regiment on the back is obliged to check at least once in three months existence, a state and completeness of property in warehouses and in division of a regiment, and also maintaining the accounting of appliances on the subordinated services. The chief of a financial allowance of a regiment is obliged to check reporting persons of a regiment. Within the field of activity control is exercised also by chiefs of services of part and commanders of divisions.

- the certificate of a legal cost (the sums paid to the witnesses, the victims, experts, experts, translators understood in compensation of the expenses incurred by them on an appearance and also spent for storage, transfer and research of material evidences.

The individual system of professional development is realized by individual occupations and training, carrying out analyses of results of checks with the checked officer, assistance in the solution of specific objectives, etc.