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"Kompak the computer" achieving even more rapid growth, invests means in new information systems, changing production equipment and, increasing sale in the international market. Administrators reconstruct operations and create information infrastructure of computers, the software and the telecommunication equipment. The semiconductor industry of the USA, bravely achieving the share of the global market, builds in the USA new capacities in bln. dollars.

Issuance of euro, according to the American economists, will not have negative impact on dollar in the short term, and even, on the contrary, can positively be reflected in a condition of the financial market of the USA if uncertainty with new currency at the first stage of its use leads to increase of interest rates in the West European countries.

"Boeing" went on the way of the conclusion of long-term agreements with large airlines of the USA for exclusive sale of the planes to them and managed to get three similar agreements - with "American Airlines", "Delta Airlines", "Continentall Airlines".

Globally operating branches of economy controlled by small group of the largest multinational corporations are formed. Especially quickly this process goes in the knowledge-intensive branches. At all global nature of these operations of headquarters of the corporations which are carrying out this activity are in the basic in the countries of "triad".

However strengthening of the competition goes in the conditions of the growing economic interrelation and internationalization of the capitalist world, considerable quantitative increase and high-quality change of the sphere of world economic communications in all variety.

Of course, it is better to have workplaces, than not to have, but not all new centers of employment maintain competitiveness of the American economy. One business - new workplaces for youth in the sphere of computer or telecommunication services: decrease in production in machine-building branches is compensated by capture of the USA of the leading positions in knowledge-intensive "service economy". But another matter - creation of the low-paid workplaces which are not demanding serious preparation and education in branches of social infrastructure, show business, at summer works and so forth. Supporting employment and even improving quality of life, such workplaces do not promote healthy economic growth.

The world economy becomes more and more competitive, nevertheless, viability of the country restores many industries of the USA - original participants of the global competition. The economy of the USA became more and more industrial competitive, than ever in three decades.

It is also necessary to note that GDP volume grows in the USA quicker, than number of workplaces that testifies to labor productivity growth. Recently in the USA was outlined high utilization of capacity with their essential growth.

Housing problem. Characterizing housing problem in the USA, it should be noted that owing to a number of historical, social and economic conditions of development of the country the level of security of Americans with housing - one of the highest in the world. Sharpness of housing problem in the country consists not in shortage of housing, though it takes place, and in its high cost and lack of guarantees in security with housing.

Poverty problem. In the USA persons officially are poor, whose annual income does not exceed "poverty line". It is defined proceeding from the cost of the goods and services necessary for satisfaction of the most vital minimum needs. The income over a third of poor people of the USA makes less than 50 percent of the sum determined as "poverty line". The main part of the poorest population of the USA is made now by women and children.

The modern type of production of the developed capitalist countries is transitional, mixed, combining old and new lines. It can be characterized as conveyor mass production on the basis of the latest developments of science and equipment.

There is a fast replacement of former ways of mass production with new technological ways of production. The role and value of traditional "basic" industries changes. Formation of new type of production can, according to the American experts, come to the end only in the first decades of the XXI century.